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K-15 Sinkhole near Mulvane to Be Fed

November 3, 2006                                                         06-297


Contact: Tom Hein  316-744-1271 (office) or 316-250-9706 (cell)

K-15 Sinkhole near Mulvane to Be Fed

A project designed to combat the ongoing effects of a sinkhole near K-15 just southeast of Mulvane is scheduled to begin Monday, November 6. A 35-foot long section of the northbound lane of K-15 will be removed then rebuilt with new base material and asphalt.

Only one lane will be open for both directions of traffic so stoplights will be installed at each end of the work zone to allow safe passage by travelers. The speed limit in the construction area will be reduced to 30 mph. Drivers should plan for a brief delay – usually not more than five minutes.

Highway maintenance crews have added asphalt to the roadway each year to keep the driving surface level. This project will attempt to correct drainage problems below the pavement that may be contributing to the slow but steady sinking of the short section of highway. After removing a 35’ X 25’ area to a depth of eight feet, clean rock, sand, and a metal drain will be installed as a base.  A thick layer of asphalt (18”) will cap the repair.

The project is scheduled to take ten working days but if weather conditions prevent timely placement of the new materials, the project could last longer than two weeks.

The primary contractor on the $167,512.75 project is APAC, Inc. of Wichita. For more information, contact Kansas Department of Transportation public affairs manager Tom Hein at 316-744-1271 or KDOT construction engineer Scott Peters at 620-221-3370.


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