A modern transportation system moves people, freight and technology. The Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE), a 10-year program developed in consultation with Kansans and approved by the 2020 Legislature, preserves our existing system and gives us flexibility to address current and future opportunities and challenges:

  • IKE is a rolling program, which means major highway modernization and expansion projects will be selected every two years rather than once a decade as previous programs did. This ensures the State can address the most pressing needs and adjust to fluctuating revenues.
  • There is an emphasis on right-sized, practical improvements. For example, utilizing passing lanes rather than 4-lane expressways where applicable.
  • We have created new partnership programs (Cost Share, Local Bridge) between the State and local governments to address more needs.
  • IKE includes investments in broadband and new technologies.
  • This program continues our commitment to multimodal transportation with public transit, aviation, short-line rail and bike/pedestrian programs.

The program also ensures that the delayed projects from our last 10-year transportation program, T-WORKS, will be addressed.

On May 14, 2020, Governor Laura Kelly and KDOT Secretary Julie Lorenz announced the first 40 highway expansion and modernization projects for preliminary engineering work. For more about these projects, as well as additional information about the IKE program, please view the resources linked below.